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Harvest 2015 Begins
Seasonal Shifts

For Thompson Vineyard, 2015 has been an interesting growing season so far.  As most people know, we in California are part way through our fourth year of a severe drought, and early-year rainfall was relatively scarce.  We also never experienced the sustained cold snaps that are common in late winter and the beginning of spring,

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The Joy of Last Place
Sometimes being the caboose has its advantages

In a recent conversation with Craig Jaffurs at his annual wine club picnic at the ranch, he recalled harvesting his Thompson Mourvedre after Thanksgiving on November 28. 

November harvests of Thompson Syrah and other varietals are also not unheard of, well after other vineyards have parked the tractors, hung up

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In a Word

It had been a year since we acquired the land on which the Thompson Vineyard sits, which had been known as the JT Ranch in recognition of Jerry Thompson, its prior patriarch. 

We acknowledge all who came before us and recognize that our family is part of a chain of custodians fortunate enough to roam these

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