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Andrew Murray Vineyards

Andrew Murray fell in love with the emerging Rhône varieties, Syrah and Viognier, in the late 1980’s while traveling through France’s Rhône Valley. Leaving his UC Berkeley paleontology studies behind, he pursued his new mistress, Syrah, with an internship in Australia.  He sought out growers who shared his passion for excellence and who dared to

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Carucci Wines

A banker and a teacher completely self taught as winemakers, living our dream.  We have a knack for finding exceptional vineyards and showcasing their unique character.  Transparency, nuance and soulfulness are captured in every bottle, but no matter how hard we try it is impossible to remove our personalities from the wines.  Each bottle is

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Copain Wine Cellars

Copain Wine Cellars was founded in 1999 by the passionate and energetic winemaker Wells Guthrie. He chose the French word for “friend” or “buddy” as his winery’s name, because he believes wine is an experience best shared with friends and family.
Wells was deeply inspired by his time spent in the Northern Rhône valley

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