The End of the Beginning

How to begin?  As a student and guardian of such a unique vessel of nature, there are so many ways one could lay the first cobblestone in a path that would inevitably become a labyrinthine personal journey and its respective narrative.  So much of what has amounted to the privilege of even allegorical contemplation has been intensely personal, even quixotic at times.  However, this is not the theater for an introspective yarn.  It is instead a stage whereby a special vineyard rooted to a beautiful slice of earth that births wines of grace and power may be better understood.  It is a venue for those who have conceived of, manifested, and acknowledged this value to be recognized and appreciated.  Finally, it is a place to share the genuine passion I and so many others have for the fruits of our labor within this land.

Here’s to the 2015 vintage at Thompson Vineyard and the collective blood, sweat, and tears of every soul courageous enough to enlist.  Here’s to iron and earth, and every burn, ache, blister, cut, callus, calculation, confabulation, happy accident, arrogant blunder, rush of panic, and flash of triumph.  May all of what came before make it memorable, and everything that arrives afterward make it meaningful.

And if I decide to sprinkle in a story or two about how adorable my kids were while stomping grapes, everyone’s just going to have to deal with it.


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